Trying ​To ​Get ​Your ​Client's House Ready to Sell?

As you know, In today’s competitive market, your client's house needs to stand out from the competition.  Let me help your client's with that competitive edge! I will provide a comprehensive, hands on consultation that will give you and your clients the blueprint for making their house ready to sell quickly and for the most money possible.​

​Here's what we can do to Help!

​I will spend approximately two hours during the consultation and walk room by room ​with your client.  During the walk and talk consultation, I will make a checklist of things that need to be done to accentuate the positive aspects of each room. ​After the consultation your client will have the checklist to successfully stage their home! If ​they need more assistance getting ​their ​home ready to sell for top dollar, I can help!

Below is a list of some of things we will discuss.

  • Recommended furniture arrangement and flow.
  • De-cluttering, De-personalizing and optimizing space in each room.
  • ​Kitchen staging and organizational strategies.
  • Highlighting architectural features and guiding the buyer's eyes to notice high-value assets.
  • ​Lighting, window treatments and accessory arrangement.
  • ​Power shopping for accessories.

​We will give ​your client an objective, third party assessment of their home.

Sometimes this is not easy to hear...

​​...but coming from ​a ​Home Stager that is ​a third party is sometimes easier for your clients to hear
and only reinforces what you may have told them.

​Many Realtors provide this consultation to their clients as a service, just like they provide professional pictures for the listing. Some pass the cost along to ​the homeowners or will split the cost with them. 

Here is a link to a similar page geared toward homeowners that you can send to your clients for more information.  

​Send your homeowners to - ​DIY Home Staging​​​

​Contact us today for more information and to learn about all of our services.